Conference Abstracts 2017

Meeting Author(s) Title Availability
CSEG Sitamai W. Ajiduah, Gary F. Margrave, and Pat F. Daley HTI anisotropy in heterogeneous elastic model and homogeneous equivalent model   Document
CSEG Sitamai W. Ajiduah, Gary F. Margrave, and Pat F. Daley Offset dependent anisotropy analysis in vertically fractured reservoirs: A synthetic study   Document
CSEG Huaizhen Chen and Kris Innanen Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo inversion for fluid term and dry fracture weaknesses   Document
CSEG Raul Cova and Kris Innanen Computing near-surface S-wave velocity models using converted-wave data   Document
CSEG Matthew V. Eaid and Dristopher A. H. Innanen Time domain internal multiple prediction on synthetic and field vertical seismic profile data   Document
CSEG Dennis Ellison, Greg Cameron and Kris Innanen Improved resolution in depth imaging through reflection static coreections derived from model-based boveout   Document
CSEG Ali Fathalian and Kris Innanen A PML absorbing boundary condition for 2D viscoacoustic wave equation in time domain: modeling and imaging   Document
CSEG Yu Geng and Kris Innanen Full waveform inversion based on nonlinear gradient   Document
CSEG Adriana J. Gordon Ferrebus, Don C. Lawton, and David W. Eaton VSP azimuthal travel time analysis at the Field Research Station near Brooks, AB.   Document
CSEG Kevin W. Hall, Helen Isaac, Malcolm Bertram, Kevin Bertram, Don Lawton, Alexis Constantinou, Doug Schmitt, Randy Kofman, Jennifer Eccles, Vera Lay, Stefan Buske Always finding faults: New Zealand 2016   Document
CSEG Heather K. Hardeman and Michael P. Lamoureux Exact solutions for reflection coefficients, in 2D   Document
CSEG Heather K. Hardeman and Matt MacDonald Vertical Seismic Profiling with Distributed Acoustic Sensing   Document
CSEG David C. Henley To boldly go into a new dimension: 3D raypath interferometry issues   Document
CSEG Bernie Law and Daniel Trad Incorporating reflection data into refaction statics solution   Document
CSEG Siming Lv and Kris Innanen Towards characterization of intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures   Document
CSEG Marie Macquet, Don C. Lawton, Jessica Dongas and Jacky Barraza Feasibility study of time-lapse seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration   Document
CSEG Gary F. Margrave Measurement of Q and cumulative attenuation from VSP data   Document
CSEG Andrew Mills and Kris Innanen Processing Ground Roll for the Study of Near-Surface Rayleigh Wave Dispersion   Document
CSEG Shahpoor Moradi and Kristopher Innanen The signature of attenuation and anisotropy on AVO and inversion sensitivities   Document
CSEG Sergio Romahn and Kristopher Innanen Iterative modelling, migration and inversion (IMMI): the role of well calibration in the context of high geological complexity   Document
CSEG Eric A. Rops and Laurence R. Lines Predicting oil sands viscosity from well logs, NMR logs, and calculated seismic properties   Document
CSEG Joe Wong, Kevin Hall, and David Langton Increasing reflection SNRs on seismic field data acquired using multiple simultaneous vibrators driven by m-sequence pilots   Document
CSEG Huixing Zhang and Kristopher A. Innanen Frequency dependent attenuation and dispersion in patchy-saturated porous rocks   Document