Notes on the CREWES Energy Ratio Explorer Applet

Notes on the CREWES Zoeppritz Explorer Applet

Use of the CREWES Energy Ratio Explorer Applet.

Technical Notes.

Comments on the Energy Ratios.

The energy ratios show what fraction of an incident wave’s energy is carried away from the interface by various types of waves. Because of energy conservation, the energy ratios for all waves corresponding to one of the three possible incident wave types (P, SV, or SH) sum to unity. The energy ratios do not describe however the partitioning of energy flux parallel to the interface. Thus, after a critical point, the energy ratio of one wave will always drop to zero, even though that wave will continue to have a non-zero Zoeppritz coefficient. This indicates an evanescent wave that travels along the interface, but decays exponentially away from it.

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