Notes on the CREWES VTI Explorer

The AniZoeppritz Explorer is similar in operation to the CREWES Zoeppritz Explorer and to the CREWES Reflectivity Explorer. Those web pages should be referred for notes on general use. The present utility differs in that it explores the behavior of the P-wave reflection coefficient in the presence of anisotropy. The present version (July 2002) can calculate both exact and linearized coefficients for VTI (vertical transverse isotropy) media. For comparison it can also calculate exact (Zoeppritz) and linearized (Aki-Richards) coefficients for the corresponding isotropic media.

For a reference on exact VTI coefficients see Daley & Hron, 1977, "Reflection and transmission coefficients for transversely isotropic solids", Bull. Seis. Soc. Am., 67, 661-675. For a reference on linearized VTI coefficients see Ruger, 1997, "P-wave reflection coefficients for transversely isotropic models with vertical and horizontal axis of symmetry", Geophysics, 62, 713-722.

Users employing Microsoft's Internet Explorer may occasionally experience difficulties in running the applet, particularly when plotting the exact anisotropic solution. This is an error associated with the Internet Explorer browser and not with this applet. The user should ensure that their browser is properly Java enabled. The most rigorous way to do this is to download the free Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from and install according to instructions. This should solve any difficulties and allow other web-based Java applications to run more effectively as well. One can also use an alternate browser, such as Netscape or Mozilla, as these are not subject to the same problems as Internet Explorer.

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