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New SEG 2016 Abstracts online
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This page last updated February 17, 2017

Today is:
February 26 2017


Welcome to the Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology website!

List of Sponsors


Congratulations to the following members of CREWES on receiving scholarships:


Back Row: Tyler Spackman, Matt Eaid, Andy Iverson, Raúl Cova, Shahpoor Moradi, Bobby Gunning, Scott Keating, Eric Rops
Front Row: Junxiao Li, Wenyong Pan, Michelle Montano, Heather Hardeman
Not Pictured: Khaled Al Dulaijan, Dennis Ellison, Nadine Igonin, Evan Mutual

CREWES congratulates the following members for successfully defending their theses:

Rafael Asuaje - Sensitivity of interval Vp/Vs analysis of seismic data

Click here to view the theses.

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