Graduate Theses 2017

Degree Author Title Availability
MSc Montano Spagnolo, Michelle Carolina Seismic attenuation measurements from multicomponent vertical seismic profile data Abstract Document
MSc Rops, Eric Anthony Predicting heavy oil and bitumen viscosity from well logs and calculated seismic properties Abstract Document
MSc Almuteri, Khalid A. Evaluating the Potential of Reflection-Based Waveform Inversion Abstract Document
MSc Gunning, Robert James Multicomponent seismic analysis from an oil sands field, Alberta, Canada Abstract Document
PhD Moradi, Shahpoor Scattering of Seismic Waves from Arbitrary Viscoelastic-Isotropic and Anisotropic Structures with Applications to Data Modelling, FWI Sensitivities and Linearized AVO-AVAz Analysis Abstract Document
MSc Xu, Hong Determination of Reservoir Characteristics Using Geostatistical Analysis Abstract Document
PhD Cova Gamero, Raul Jose Near-surface S-wave traveltime corrections and inversion: a raypath-consistent and interferometric approach Abstract Document
PhD Guarido de Andrade, Marcelo Convergence of a full waveform inversion scheme based on PSPI migration and forward modeling-free approximation: procedure and validation Abstract Document
PhD Pan, Wenyong Waveform Inversion for Estimating Subsurface Properties: Phase-encoding Strategies, Optimization Methods, Interparameter Tradeo s Quanti cation and Reduction Abstract Document