Elastic wave 2D modeling of seismic surveys

Joe Wong, Peter Malcolm Manning, David C. Henley

We have developed a 2D finite-difference time-stepping code in MATLAB for simulating seismic surveys in heterogeneous isotropic elastic media. The code, named mFD2D, is designed for easy input of moderately complex velocity structures. Acquisition parameters can be set for a variety of survey types, most notably for reflection and VSP surveys. Output data are common shot gathers that are saved on SEGY files. On a desktop PC with a 3.20 GHz CPU and 4 GB of RAM running 32-bit MATLAB, a synthetic 2D seismic reflection survey with about 100,000 traces can be produced overnight. We present synthetic common source gathers of vertical and radial component seismograms for moderately complex velocity structures. These examples indicate that the code should be useful for educational and research purposes and for pre-survey planning of real-world seismic surveys.