NOTICE: Due to current concerns with the COVID-19 situation CREWES researchers are currently working at home. As such it is unlikely that any phone calls will be answered. Please use email for communication at this time.


Name Position Office E-mail
Ninoska Amundaray M.Sc. Student - Innanen ES640 ninoskaamundaraynieucalgaryca
Farzaneh Bayati M.Sc. Student - Trad ES217 farzanehbayatiucalgaryca
Matthew Eaid Ph.D. Student - Innanen ES640 mveaiducalgaryca
Ellen Liu M.Sc. Student - Bryant/Lawton ES217 aidiliuucalgaryca
Xin Fu Ph.D. Student - Innanen ES217 xinfu1ucalgaryca
Shang Huang Ph.D. Student - Trad ES640 shanghuang1ucalgaryca
Qi Hu Ph.D. Student - Innanen ES217 qihu1ucalgaryca
Brendan Kolkman-Quinn M.Sc. Student - Lawton ES244 brendankolkmanquinnucalgaryca
Bernard K. Law Ph.D. Student - Innanen/Trad ES640B bernardkiyunlawucalgaryca
Arthur Lee M.Sc. Student - Trad ES217 arthurlee1ucalgaryca
Da Li Ph.D. Student - Lamoureux MS344 dali1ucalgaryca
Jinji Li Ph.D. Student - Innanen ES640 lijinjiucalgaryca
He Liu Ph.D. Student - Innanen ES217 heliu1ucalgaryca
Mariana Lume M.Sc. Student - Innanen ES640 marianalumeucalgaryca
Jorge E. Monsegny Ph.D. Student - Lawton ES244 jorgemonsegnyparraucalgaryca
Zhan Niu M.Sc. Student - Trad ES640 niuzucalgaryca
Luping Qu Ph.D. Student - Innanen ES640 lupingqu1ucalgaryca
Lukas Sadownyk M.Sc. Student - Innanen ES640 lukassadownykucalgaryca
Ziguang Su Ph.D. Student - Trad ES640 ziguangsu1ucalgaryca
Tianze Zhang Ph.D. Student - Innanen ES640 zhangtianzeucalgaryca
Kai Zhuang Ph.D. Student - Trad ES640B kzhuangucalgaryca