Seismic parameter design for reservoir monitoring, Brooks, Alberta

Davood Nowroozi, Donald C. Lawton

The main objective of this paper is to evaluate a 3D-3C seismic survey in order to make possible 4D and reservoir studies to monitor CO2 injection and map the underground layers and structures. A porous and permeable formation (the Medicine Hat sandstone) as a reservoir with reliable cap (low permeability) that is the Colorado shale are injection targets for CO2 sequestration and also for the seismic survey design. The project area is a field located southwest of Brooks, Alberta. The first part is data gathering and analysis results for velocity functions and desired frequency content of targets (shallow and deep) and the second part is the parameter estimation for preventing spatial aliasing and suitable resolution for the reservoir study. For the bin size and migration aperture estimation, constant and linear velocity methods were considered. Finally, two options are introduced and their attributes (fold maps for PP and PS data with different offset, offset and azimuth distribution) are compared.