Seismic imaging of the Hussar low frequency seismic data

Abdul-Nassir Saeed, Gary F. Margrave, David C. Henley, J. Helen Isaac, Laurence R. Lines

We have implemented an effective seismic processing flow that meets both AVO compliant and seismic imaging objectives for the Hussar low frequency seismic data. The ground roll and pump-jack noise that poses great challenge in seismic processing and imaging of the Hussar low frequency experiments were successfully attenuated and removed via cascaded radial trace filters, while retaining reflection energy of low frequency down to 3Hz.

The resulting migrated section from the new processing shows significant imaging improvement across the entire section, and particularly in the shallow zone (100-500m) that was not clearly seen in previous processing. The zoomed pre-stack migrated sections show more stratigraphic phenomena, such as onlap and pinch-out features that were not clearly shown in the post- stack migrated section. The phase coherency of the estimated band signal show good spatial coherency down to 3Hz in the processed stacked section.

The resulting common image gathers, (CIGs) have shown good reflectivity signal at the far offset of 3450m (an increment of 57%) compared to the 1980m far offset produced by contracting processing company.