3D3C seismic data at the Brooks experimental CO2 injection site.

J. Helen Isaac, Donald C. Lawton

We processed and interpreted a 1 km2 baseline 3D3C seismic survey acquired in May, 2014, at the Field Research Station near Brooks in Southern Alberta. This area is the site of planned experimental CO2 injection into shallow Upper Cretaceous sandstones and where various technologies for monitoring the behaviour of the injected gas and cap rock integrity will be assessed. One of these technologies is timelapse 3D3C seismic data.

Processing of the PP and PS seismic data included noise attenuation and signal enhancement processes, Gabor deconvolution and post-stack time migration. After processing the PP and PS seismic data, we tied them to well logs using synthetic seismograms. We interpreted and mapped several key horizons on the PP and PS 3D data and registered the two data volumes. Vp/Vs was calculated from the registered horizon times for three intervals and also derived for the data volume through a joint PP-PS post-stack inversion. We intend to compare these results to those obtained from monitor 3D3C surveys obtained after CO2 injection.