Literature review and discussions of inverse scattering series on internal multiple prediction

Jian Sun, Kristopher A. H. Innanen

Internal multiple attenuation is an increasingly high priority in seismic data analysis in the wake of increased sensitivity of primary amplitudes in quantitative interpretation, due to more information intend to be squeezed from seismic data. Removal of internal multiple is still a big challenge even though several various methods has been proposed. Inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuation algorithm, with great potential, developed by Weglein and collaborators in the 1990s, indicated that all internal multiples can be estimated by combining those sub-events satisfying a certain schema,which is the lower-higher-lower criterion. Many considerable discussions of internal multiple attenuation have been made based on inverse scattering series algorithm. In this paper, start with forward scattering series, we comprehensive review inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuation algorithm both in theoretical and its applications.