Prestack seismic analysis of the Rangeland Basal Belly River gas pool

Ronald M. Weir, Donald C. Lawton, Laurence R. Lines

The Basal Belly River is a member of the Belly River Formation (BBR), and is the lowermost member, deposited as a marine or tidal sequence. It is a known oil and gas producer throughout Alberta. In the Rangeland area, the Basal Belly River is at a depth of 725 meters, and has a pay thickness of up to 7 meters. Seismic analysis was performed by using forward modeling, and comparing it to actual seismic data. Poststack, and pre stack seismic models were generated, based on the parameters of the 2-D data, and petrophysical parameters derived from well logs. The seismic data was reprocessed, correlated and interpreted using conventional methods. The results indicate the Basal Belly River gas play is a viable seismic target. The Basal Belly River pool in Southern Alberta is Upper Cretaceous in age. It is an exploration and development target using pre stack data analysis.