Physically-modeled 3D surveys over a channel structure

Joe Wong, Kevin L. Bertram, Kevin W. Hall

We set up a physical model consisting of a PVC slab overlying an acrylic slab with a cut channel with both immersed in water. A 3D marine survey was conducted over an area with scaled X-Y dimensions of 5000m by 5000m. Both source and receiver lines were along the Y direction, with line separations of 100m. Source and receiver intervals along the lines were 50m. In this initial survey, the channel is water-filled. In possible subsequent surveys over this model, specific zones in the channel will be filled with tiny glass beads or fine sand, and 3D acquisition will be done with the sand zones saturated with water and air. Such an experiment would generate a physically-modeled dataset simulating a 4D survey over a gas injection project.