A summary of surface seismic reflection data acquired at the Field Research Station near Brooks, Alberta

J. Helen Isaac, Donald C. Lawton

We have been acquiring surface seismic reflection data at the Field Research Station near Brooks, Alberta, since 2014. The data include 3D3C, 2D3C and 2D1C surveys. All the seismic data had similar processing, designed to attenuate noise and enhance reflectivity, and were post-stack migrated. The 3D3C data acquired in 2014 exhibits the best imaging of the subsurface on both PP and PS sections. Offset gathers show that offsets of 200-400 m are best for imaging the Basal Belly River, which is the CO2 injection sandstone, with PP surface seismic data. Preliminary investigations of distributed acoustic sensor data suggest that these data hold promise for real-time monitoring of the subsurface.