A (full) waveform inversion based on P- and S- wave separation

Hassan Khaniani, Shahpoor Moradi, Daniel O. Trad

The use of fully elastic wave equation in seismic Reverse Time Migration (RTM) and Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) has the artifact of collocation of P- and S- wave. We show that collocation of the P- and S- waves produce crosstalk errors which produce uncertainty in migration and FWI result. We develop a waveform migration and inversion algorithm using separation of P- and S- wave and the gradient function of FWI. A multicomponent RTM is developed that is based on the propagation of pure P- and S- wave. With the mul-ticomponent forward propagation of sources and the backward propagation of receivers, we apply the formulation of FWI for multiparameter extraction with less uncertainty as compared to the use of the full elastic propagation.