CREWES in the field: 2019 overview

Kevin L. Bertram, Kristopher A. Innanen, Kevin W. Hall, Marie Macquet, Malcolm B. Bertram, Donald C. Lawton

Simulated data is useful for testing various processing methods, but there is still a huge advantage to using data acquired in the “real world”. CREWES has a long history of acquiring and processing field data. With access to several different acquisition tools and instruments several different experiments can be carried out. This year fieldwork acquisition was exclusively done at the CaMI FRS.

Projects that CREWES has been involved with this year include: a) the setup of several passive monitoring three component recording stations; b) an acquisition experiment with a repeatable source location before, during, and after carbon dioxide injection into an underground reservoir; c) the 2019 Geophysics Undergraduate Field School with the University of Calgary’s Geoscience Department; d) the setup of repeatable source locations for a walk-away/walk-around VSP.