Converted-wave statics methods comparison

Armin W. Schafer

Various static-removal methods; hand-picking, time-difference refraction statics, EGRM Gauss-Seidel refraction statics and Monte-Carlo simulated annealing statics are applied to the radial component of a compressional-source, three-component, seismic data set from northern Alberta; Slave Lake, Line EUEOO1. While hand-picking provides the most continuous solution, it is extremely tedious and time-consuming for the processor. The refraction statics methods are also quite time-consuming since the S-wave refraction had to be hand-picked. However, these methods provide a more realistic long-wavelength statics solution since refraction methods derive the longwavelength static shifts from an actual model of the Earth, rather than by arbitrarily comparing the shifts seen on reflections across the section. Monte-Carlo simulated annealing provides a reasonable solution with very little processor input, but it takes hours of computer time.