More radial trace domain applications

David C. Henley

The radial trace domain, less well-known than other transform domains, has been shown to be a particularly effective one for attenuating source-generated coherent noise on seismic data. In a closely related application, the radial domain can be used for selectively enhancing specific components of seismic wavefields. Use can also be made of the intrinsic interpolation in the transform algorithm itself to uniformly re- map seismic trace gathers with irregular trace spacing, or to map the data to diagnostic domains such as the X2 -T2 domain. In yet another application, the origin of the radial domain can be used as a centre around which to rotate sea-floor reflections and their simple multiples from a sloping to a horizontal sea-floor to enhance multiple removal. Finally, a hybrid radial trace transform has been implemented to generate traces for which raypaths follow Snell's law for use in AVA (Amplitude versus Angle) studies. Shown here are examples of all the above applications.